Tuesday, February 7, 2012

date nights and nights in

i am loving this new commercial and i can totally relate to the sweet dog in it! how sweet is his face when the food is falling down from the crib? swoon!

this weekend was really nice! we went on many long walks together and enjoyed the sunshine. i went to my favorite zumba class on saturday - apparently someone in the class had on one of those heart monitors and we burned over 800 calories in that 1 hour! nice, eh? saturday night we had a double date with some great friends at farmburger - yumm! i got their slow cooked collard greens instead of french fries and i can proudly say that i was 100% satisfied! this says a lot since i could live off of french fries if allowed.

we watched the movie "drive" this weekend and LOVED it. i kept telling j that we needed to watch it because i knew he'd love it, but he thought it was just a ploy to stare at ryan gosling for 2 hours. although he wasn't wrong about his assumptions, he absolutely loved the movie. it's a definite win for any date night because it has something for the men (cars and violence) and for the ladies (hey girl).

sunday, i spent the morning at piedmont park with my dearest beth and townes. i know we'll pay the price this summer but i am enjoying the insane weather! i had also been overdue on girl time so it was so wonderful! later on we had lunch with j's family and my SIL tuned up my ukelele and restrung j's guitar so now we have no excuse to not play more often. j even surprised me with another "just because" gift the other night: a daily ukelele song book. there are so many great songs in it (i can't wait to learn "we shall overcome!"). we ended the night laying on the couch watching the super bowl. it was very laid back and we had veggie dogs with veggie chili so we could have a healthy game day meal that still felt game appropriate.

this week is going be very busy at work since we have our big annual conference next week in miami so hopefully i won't go completely MIA.



  1. You always have the nicest-sounding weekends! And good job eating so well; you are awesome. Jeremy and I went to LA Friday night and ate at this neat 24-hour diner before the show, which was so fun. We saw some stars at the show and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Saturday we took a picnic to the beach and then took it easy Saturday night, and Sunday we had French toast at my parents' house (like every Sunday) then walked to the beach. I ate too many snacks at my dad's Super Bowl party that afternoon, but I managed to win $40 bucks in a betting game they were playing (well I put in $20, so I technically only won $20, but still). We then saw this documentary Sunday in Brazzaville as part of the SB International Film Festival, which was good! Then we made salads for dinner and watched Downton Abbey (we're only on the first season still). I think I just used your comment section as my own blog! My apologies...

    1. Lily! you are my favorite. your comments make my week and i am so thankful to hear about your lovely life in california! i love that you and jeremy are taking advantage of the beach and all of the fun events going on around you. i'm telling you - we will be visiting sometime within the next year - i think it's a must! xo


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