Friday, February 24, 2012

i just want to dance

this video cracks me up since last night we bought the xbox 360 & kinect bundle! after my experience playing dance central in miami last week (read more here), i couldn't wait to buy it. i found the best deal on the bundle pack (costco has a deal on them for $299, which is almost $100 off the normal selling price, until 2/29) and we even set it up last night. we bought dance central 2, but i can't wait to get more games. i was nervous j wouldn't enjoy the kinect but so far, so good!

this weekend will be spent playing kinect, going to stone mountain with townes (weather-permitting), and some time with my folks (hopefully their hot tub will be working)! we also need to finalize a few tiny details for costa rica and maybe squeeze in some time with friends. i'm just so happy it's friday!

wishing you the best weekend! xo

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