Friday, February 10, 2012

miami vice

happy friday! this weekend (sunday) i am headed to miami, fl for a large work conference. it's our annual conference (last year) and it's always very busy. i'm hoping that despite all of the running around and meetings that i can find time to exercise and that i am strong in making the right choices for meals. there's usually a great deal of alcohol consumed at the night events, but that shouldn't be too hard to avoid since i'm not a big drinker. this year's big entertainment is blake shelton whom a lot of people love, but i don't really know much about him so it should be interesting. i surely will miss my boys so much and already can't wait to be back home with them!

at least we'll have tonight and tomorrow to snuggle and celebrate an early valentine's day together. j keeps getting so many packages in the mail so i'm sure he's outdone me this year! i hope he likes what i got him! ♥ we also will be celebrating one of our great friend's birthdays on saturday!

it should be a great weekend and i hope yours is wonderful as well!

p.s. i got my haircut last night and i love it! thanks jessica! i did get some bangs but only a little bit (now if only i could style my hair the way it was last night every day)! sighs.

p.p.s. thank god for girls' nights. they are always so good for the soul - don't you think?


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