Monday, June 25, 2012

smooth seas

happy monday y'all!
this was such a great weekend that it's hard to be back to the grind (especially because i have to travel to boston for a few days this week). at least next weekend is my birthday weekend!

i got to have an early saturday morning date with my best friend in the world. we walked to get coffee and thankfully managed to avoid getting run over (barely). it's so nice to have someone in your life that enjoys the same things you do. we just walked and talked for almost 2 hours and i always feel so restored afterwards.

j + i had our first sailing lesson on saturday. it was amazing! i feel like we learned a good bit and i can't wait to keep on learning. the only downside to learning to sail in georgia is that lake lanier is really the only local place to learn and it is so crowded with speed boats. the drivers of these power boats come so close to you and one can only assume alcohol is involved. no bueno. we came home, washed j's car (long overdue), went to the dog park, and then picked up some yummy quinoa burgers from farmburger. we ended the night watching "wanderlust" which was cute.

despite the peaceful and productive weekend, our weekend ended on a scary note because we noticed our sweet hound was licked his paws a lot and then we saw that his carpal pads (the pad between the paws and elbow) were ripped open on both front legs! poor little guy. thankfully we're taking him to the vet today and hopefully he won't need surgery. bless his little heart.

hope you had a fun filled weekend!

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