Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair..."

we've been working a lot this summer on improving our yard. truth be told, j's been working hard.
we had some weed trees cut down and some stumps ground up so we could have a blank slate. 
we've also recently had the house caulked and painted so everything looks very fresh!

with planning the garden, i really want to have a bunch of flowers. i would love to have flowers (and the shed) pictured above! my mom recently planted some wild flowers in her yard and we're planning on doing the same. i found these wildflower kits from american meadows; i love their site because they have wildflower mixes by region so you know you're getting the best assortment for your climate and area.

i'll make sure to share our garden progress photos with you. it's amazing how far we've already come!
next steps: building on a pergola for the deck and building some raised garden beds.

we'll get to our dream backyard eventually...slowly but surely!

[quote via susan polis shutz]

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  1. Oh my god that little shed is adorable. I dream of the day when we actually HAVE a backyard!


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