Friday, June 22, 2012

sail away

happy friday!
i'm feeling so great because i just had a personal fitness assessment at our company's new gym 
and i was in the top "excellent" range on all of the tests (and this was even after 20 minutes on the elliptical)!

j + i are going sailing tomorrow and i know it will be the beginning of something beautiful. it's his first lesson and i was granted the free jump seat by the captain (he said he'd let me learn a bit in the cockpit too)!
this is the first step to accomplishing our dream of sailing.

hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay cool during this heat wave!


  1. Have so much fun!! Jeremy and I are walking downtown (after a hike, of course) to the annual Summer Solstice parade and festival tomorrow (SB gets REALLY into it) and then we're going to this private event at the Zoo on Sunday, with four different sections that have different continental themes and cocktails and appetizers and animal encounters at each. I'm excited!

    1. what a fun weekend lily! i wish we could be there with you guys. i need to hear all about this zoo party (loved your pictures of the elephants on your instagram)! ♥


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