Thursday, August 9, 2012

featured artist: budi satria kwan

i realize that a lot of the art that i like lately all have some element of nature (hippie at ♥) in them and i suppose this art post is no different. the variation of art from artist budi satria kwan is incredible. i love the different styles and colors. the top print is called "go west" which i know j will appreciate and it makes me want to load up the versa and go on an epic road trip...we'll do it one of these days.

as always, the issue is finding room on your walls for all the great art in the world!

"out where the world is in the making, where fewer hearts in despair are aching, that's where the west begins" - arthur chapman


1 comment:

  1. keep them coming! i have a lot of walls to fill.


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