Wednesday, August 8, 2012

skinny belts

skinny belts

i have been all about skinny belts lately (it may be due to the fact that i feel like i have a waistline again)! my personal collection is getting a little robust and i need to slow down on spending money; however, a girl can still look, right?

the simple brown belts are my favorite belts right now but it's always fun to mix it up.

what are some of your favorite fashion trends lately?

skinny belts


  1. Where do you find your belts? I've always had trouble finding good belts to wear with dresses. I have one from Madewell that I love, but that's it!

    1. My top places are Marshall's (shocker, right?), forever 21, target, and H&M. I have also lucked out when buying items that have belts included on them!

    2. I'm going to look for some this weekend! I figured out that if I comment on my phone it works :)


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