Wednesday, August 1, 2012

high school reunion: to go or not to go

how funny are these ecards? since the inevitable time has come for the 10 year high school reunion - i can't help but identify with these cards! i have to say that the planning committee did an awesome job because we're having the reunion at the local  sweetwater brewery

to be honest, i am still on the fence on whether or not to attend. i'd love to catch up with some folks, but i'm deciding if it's worth the money or if i should drag j along. he'll get bored of the introductions and stories about the past (rightfully so), but at least there is beer, right? thankfully i know he'd be a good sport about it regardless.

the below list of the "20 things i might do to ruin my high school reunion" that made me laugh and may even be reason enough to go (just kidding, kind of). some of my favorites include:

1. Bring a couple vacuums and try to sell them to people while they mingle. 

4. Constantly apologize to everyone I see for vague, horrific things I said about them in high school. “I was young, I was dumb. The things I said about your face, personality and family were among the most disgusting things a person could say about someone, and I’m so sorry. Can we just let the past be the past? Hug?”.

6. Ask every single person I talk to if they want to watch a web video I made a couple years ago on my phone. Then ask to use theirs because I’m weird about people and my phone, I don’t want anyone stealing it.

8. Every time someone comes up to say hi, cut them off with, “Can we PLEASE not do this tonight? PLEASE?! Can we just be adults? That’s all Im asking.”
12. Keep bringing up the great work I’m doing on Twitter. “I’m really proud of some of the things I’m doing on there, you gotta check it out. It’s been really good for me.”
13. Bring a dunk tank.
16. Every time someone introduces themselves, say, “Oh my god! Yes! I think I remember you. Were you the girl that was such a complete fucking trainwreck all four years!?”.
17. Keep trying to get people to move the reunion over to Water World.
20. Not go.

what are your thoughts on the whole high school reunion? did you go to yours? was it worth it?

i definitely don't want to look back and regret not going so i'll probably try to go. 
i just wish i knew who all was going!



  1. i decided that i want to go to my hs reunion , even though i'm not sure i actually want to see everyone, but because i would regret not going. BUT they people planning it did a poor job, planned it for the summer when no one is around, and couldn't sell enough tickets to meet the minimum for the event space they picked, so now it's up in the air as to whether someone else will try to reschedule for around thanksgiving...we'll see.

    1. yeah - i think i agree with you 100%. i hope they can get the reunion rescheduled! you going to bring your boyfriend if they reschedule it or will you go alone?


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