Monday, November 12, 2012


 Considering I spend 8+ hours every day in my cubicle at work, I love having bright + colorful things surround me. I wanted to add a plant that would be low maintenance and would thrive in the sunlight (my desk is on the window so it gets a great deal of light). 

I found this succulent arrangement at Home Depot while running errands this weekend. It was a steal at $5.98! The yellow container looked rustic with some imperfections, but I wanted to add another accent. 

Here's the plant container before:
Materials needed include acrylic paint, painter's tape, and a paint brush.
 I put the painter's tape around the vase to have a template for the area to paint and then added the mixed paint.
I applied the first coat and then waited for it to dry completely before painting on the second, final coat. Due to the vase's shape, the line around wasn't perfect so I did have to free hand the edge a bit once I removed the tape.
I really love the look of the added color. It is so pretty that I even questioned whether or not to bring it in to work or leave it for our home. Not a bad project for $6, huh?

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