Thursday, November 15, 2012


With Thanksgiving a week away (!!!), it's hitting me that it's officially time to start buying gifts! KeepCup cups would make the perfect gift for those environmentally-conscious folks in your life. Truth be told, they'd be a better gift for those who aren't very green so that maybe they'd be encouraged to be more mindful of their wasteful ways.

In my office, the company provides Styrofoam cups and it blows my mind how my coworkers can be so careless; for instance, I've seen people use a cup for their coffee and then use another cup to pour the coffee back-and-forth instead of using a straw to stir the coffee and creamer! That's a rant for another day!
My favorite part about the KeepCup is that the customer choses the size and color (of the cup, lid, band, and plug) for their custom cup! KeepCups are microwave and dishwasher-safe too! 
Since June 2009, KeepCup users have diverted an estimated 30000 tons of disposable cup waste from landfill, that's about 2 billion disposable cups. A KeepCup compared to a disposable paper cup (including coffee) sees a: 36-47% reduction in global warming, 64-85% reduction in water use, 91-92% reduction in landfill waste annually.

It's a double win this holiday season - reduce waste and give a great gift of a KeepCup!


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