Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Say Yes

I really enjoyed this article from the Huffington Post. The author points out 18 different things that you should say yes to. 

The article's author states that, "the sometimes overwhelming pace of modern life can make it tempting to operate in a default no mode. No to weeknight plans, no to the spontaneous drink or coffee with a friend, no situations or projects that are challenging but might ultimately help us grow. When you say yes to something -- even when it can be time-consuming or intimidating or difficult -- you open yourself up to a payoff that can make you question how you even thought about saying no." 

Lord knows that somtimes J + I fall victim to saying "no" too frequently. Here are some of my favorites from the article and some potential new "yes" situations in our near future!

1. A day spent in your pajamas
3. That salted caramel ice cream sundae (I may be saying yes to this too often lately, if I'm honest)
10. An electronic diet
17. Dinner with an older person in your life.
18. The idea that things are going to work out (read more about my need to say "yes" to this here)

Did any of the things on this list stick out to you particularly? Hope you say yes!


  1. Timely advice for me... I've got a big decision to make soon!

    1. Haha - no kidding! EEEK! I'm so excited for all your upcoming YES's :)

  2. I also like the list because last Saturday, Jeremy and I literally watched 6 episodes of The Wire (not to mention I've seen all episodes of all three shows listed in #2). Glad we don't have to feel bad about it!


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