Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIY: Personalized Stockings

We finally put up all of our Christmas decorations last week (pictures to follow soon) before our niece, Natalie, came to visit. So this past weekend, she noticed our stockings and asked how we could tell which stocking belonged to which person. Good question! Townes has the vintage Snoopy stocking, but the stockings I handmade for J + I were both just generic. 

I decided to use some simple pipe cleaners that I had around the house to make some letter initials to put on our stockings. I used some baker's twine to attach the letters to the stockings.
 The whole project took about 5 minutes and was so easy!
 The stockings still look plain, but at least it adds a personal touch and some more color!
Happy 12.12.12 y'all!

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