Monday, December 3, 2012

Vegetarian Thanksgiving

A few years ago, J + I started our own tradition of having a Vegetarian Thanksgiving at home after the hustle of the Thanksgiving holiday had slowed down. The main reason for this tradition was a chance for us to cook a tofurky since we don't get anything but sides at our families' meals.
One year, my best friend Beth was in town for our Vegetarian Thanksgiving so she joined us and insisted that it become an annual tradition (and one she'd expect to be invited to). We gladly obliged and now it's been 4 years! Due to the small size of the tofurky and our dining room table, the max amount of people we ever have in total is 6. This past weekend we celebrated with some of our closest friends and it was wonderful. The best part is waiting a week after Thanksgiving so you aren't still dreading more casseroles.
 We enjoyed tons of homemade food: green bean casserole, corn pudding, stuffing, cheese straws, artisan bread with rosemary + garlic, butternut squash soup (with cilantro + spiced, candied nuts), and gravy (mushroom + nutritional yeast). Everything was incredible and made with lots of love.
 The desserts were amazing too! We had lemon meringue, chocolate pie, and banana nut bread! YUM!
 J started a brand new dinner topic at Vegetarian Thanksgiving where we all talk about things we are NOT grateful for. It was so funny to hear everyone's gripes at Thanksgiving for a change! 
  We ended the night by the chiminea/ fire pit (despite the beautiful, warm day).  
My tummy and my heart is so full.


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