Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Recap: Wedding Shower Edition

 Happy Monday!
Today is very overcast and rainy so I'm missing the sunshine from last week! I took this shot from my office window...I love the red leaves!

On Friday, a few friends from work and I went to White Oak Kitchen. Their veggie plate was awesome and the decor was super cute.

 On Friday night, I basically prepped for the wedding shower and ran some errands. 

On Saturday morning, I woke up really early to get a head start on the food prep and set up for Beth and Doug's wedding shower. I made some vegan pumpkin cupcakes (although I did add some dark chocolate to half of the cupcakes so they weren't all vegan), cornbread muffins (with fresh jalapenos from our garden in some of them).

 We had a huge spread of food! We had meat chili, vegan chili, chili fixings (cheese, sour cream, fritos, crackers, avocado, and lots of hot sauces), cornbread muffins, pretzels with hummus, veggie platter, cupcakes, vegan oatmeal cookies, brownies, cheese plate with crackers, dates with raspberries, fruit salad, hot apple cider (with rum to spike it with), and lots of alcohol (wine and beer)! I can safely say that no one left hungry!

 We had tables and chairs set up outside, but this time, most people stayed indoors. Thankfully it wasn't too cold and we did have the fire pit burning all day! Townes had a blast with the kids and was so good with the little ones - he was quite the hit at the party! :)

PS - Aren't Beth and her sister, Maggie, the cutest?

 I managed to get Beth to pose for a few photos (which is hard to get)! It was so great meeting Doug's family and friends and seeing everyone come together. I can't wait for their wedding - there will be lots of dancing, needless to say!

After Beth and Doug opened the gifts, people started to head home. J + I cleaned the house up and then I was exhausted. Apparently I wasn't the only one...
Hopefully Beth and Doug had a great shower! Maggie and I put on a pretty good party if I do say so myself; however, I am officially on a party throwing hiatus! For a little while at least! :)
 The rest of the weekend was super chill and filled with lots of movies. 
I watched "The Painted Veil," "Begin Again," and then fell asleep watching "Contiki." 

Hope you had a cozy, fun weekend!
It's crazy that it's the last full work week before Thanksgiving - this year is flying by!

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