Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Weekend Recap

It's already been a crazy week - between work and prepping for Thanksgiving.
Last weekend already feels like ancient history!
I started off the weekend in my favorite way at Zumba Toning.
My girl, Kim, is always such an inspiration and helps keep me accountable!
On Saturday, J headed up to Asheville for a bachelor weekend. I took Townes on a long walk in the neighborhood and the weather was perfect!

Beth and I went to the Indie Craft Experience at the Georgia Freight Depot. It's always so much fun, but it is a little overwhelming! I got to see my favorite lady, Jen, and my good friends, Johnny and Ray, who both had their own booths!

After we bought a few items, we went out to Thai for dinner. Green tea and curry was the perfect meal for a chilly night!

On Sunday, Townes and I took it easy since it was raining all day. I watched a bunch of movies: SongcatcherAlways Woodstock, and Wish I Was Here were a few. Townes was so sweet and cuddled up next to me all day and wasn't happy with me when I made him walk in the rain (which got worse halfway into the walk so we had to run home).

When J got home, we ordered in pizza and just enjoyed the night together.

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