Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weekend Recap: Birthday Edition

Hey y'all! It's been so insane since the long weekend forgive my tardiness. :)
A week ago (exactly) was my birthday and boy, it was a great one.
For lunch on Wednesday, some of my favorite coworkers/ friends took me out to lunch at Alma Cocina for some guacamole, fried avocado tacos, and tres leche cake! YUM!
I also got some beautiful flowers delivered to my office...I definitely felt spoiled.
After work, I headed to Twain's Brewery to meet up with some lovely friends. It made my heart swell to have so many amazing people show up. I sure am lucky! To have people drive so far (and in the rain) and even bring their kids was awesome. Everyone kept saying how great my friends were and I'd have to agree! :)

We did these crazy birthday cake shots that tasted JUST like chocolate cake! I still can't decide if that's even a good thing or not! :)
Our company was gracious enough to give us 2 days of PTO for the July 4th holiday so on Thursday I met up with my adorable mom to do some birthday shopping. We also had a great lunch together! :)
Townes has been such a cuddle bug I'm loving our new couch and how wide it is!

On Thursday night, I put together a new media console for our living room. I love how it turned out! 
For dinner, we had fried green tomato burgers with a sweet potato salad. My kind of dinner!
The updated living's still a work in progress though!
For the 4th, we went to my in-laws' house to see my sister-in-law who is in town from FL. We spent the day swimming and then had a cookout. I may have had too much wine, but it was so lovely. :) My FIL just got this huge new smoker grill, but it was broken so in the meantime, he had to go old school with the small charcoal grill. 
My new tank it!
On Sunday, I woke up early and colored in my anti-stress coloring book (I love it)! and spent some time with Townes. He's my favorite buddy! The long weekend was great, because there was a lot of down time mixed with doing errands around the house. Sadly as adults, unless you go out of town, I suppose every weekend has a mix of fun + work!
He follows me everywhere ♥
For an early dinner, my folks and brother came over and we went to Leon's. The food was so good! Even though I don't eat meat, the charcuterie plate was super impressive!

It was so nice to have them out to Decatur and spend some time with them. We even got ice cream afterwards!
J + I ended the weekend watching the World Cup finale and it was amazing! Go USA! I promise that we were more excited then it appears below. :)
How was your weekend?
I hope it was awesome!

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