Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy happy Friday!
This weekend will be spent with my sister-in-law before she heads back to FL, some volunteering, Anthony Bourdain, and then possibly some pool time or a hiking adventure!
Speaking of adventures, how incredible are these beautiful campsites?

I need these watermelon lemonade slushies. ASAP.

Did you know it's the 40th anniversary for the movie "Jaws?" Check out this insane screening in Austin!

Interesting article about what to do with weird farmers' market veggies (I really needed this to use all of the CSA seasonal vegetables)!

Quick and fun quiz to determine which "Parks and Recreation" character would be your BFF.

What are your weekend plans? 
ATL will have hot, sunny weather so I hope everyone local gets to enjoy the heat from the water!

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