Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wise Words Wednesday: Birthday Edition

 With today being my birthday, I figured I'd share some words of advice that have struck a chord with me lately. As I enter the next year, I hope to keep these words close...

I also figured it was a good time to follow up on my aspirations list from last year and see how I did:
1. Surfing getaway weekend
2. Simply my life and get rid of unnecessary material items
3. Send more handwritten letters and care packages to my favorites
4. Ride my bicycle more often - I just got a new bike so this one should be easy...
5. More random acts of kindness (at least once a month)
6. Volunteer my time more for others - I did volunteer with a new organization all year and I'm signed up for a new orientation so I'm going to check this off EVEN though there could always be "more time" for this.
7. Spend the day in the park (picnic and kite flying included)
8. Swim as much as possible - in rivers, lakes, beaches, cliff jump, etc.
9. Host a summer BBQ for friends - does brunch count?
10. Learn to do a handstand or the split
11. Dates with my parents (together and solo)
12. Travel to Europe (!)
13. Dance in the rain (or preferably go skinny dipping)
14. Add more color to my life (inside and outside the home)
15. Bake a cake (or cupcakes) for the folks at work who make my job brighter and easier
16. Learn the Charleston and go to at least 1 swing night event
17. Travel to Washington, D.C. to see the cherry blossom trees
18. Learn Spanish and practice/ improve my French
19. Weekend camping trips (at least 2)
20. Grow my Etsy site (i.e., make more handmade stuff)
21. Get out during the week at least 2x a month (more concerts, dates, art shows, and baseball games)
22. Sponsor a child abroad
23. Plan a girls' brunch
24. Take a kickboxing class
25. Take more photos (one per day at minimum)
26. Practice and play the ukelele more often (in order to record and post a video on the blog)
27. Go out dancing with my ladies
28. Run a 10K race
29. Do a boudoir photo shoot (because why not?)
30. Do something that scares me...and have fun figuring out what that thing is! 

Yikes! I need to get moving on this list...I'll make #31 to be more forgiving so then that makes it okay to have this list roll over to 31, right? :)

And some good birthday reminders...

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