Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's insane that we've only got 12 more days left of sure has been a good one and a very busy one (hence the stillness around this space). Even though Summer is my favorite season (most would disagree), I'm excited for what the Fall will bring.

With Summer coming to an end, I'm curious how much I accomplished off this list! How about you? Any of these included in your plans for the last stretch?

Lip Synch video with Fallon + Degeneres + Timberlake = ROFL! Must wait for the mic drop.

This list of soft things is helping me survive today. Precious things.

Wishing I had really considered all of these things before choosing a major in college.

Some upcoming must-do events in ATL:
Movie night in the garden (I've got a date night planned to see Psycho with my best friend)!

A magpie penguin as a pet? True story!

Not that I need an excuse to go back to Berlin, but this list of budget-friendly things-to-do looks awesome! I've been to a few of these places and the Clärchens Ballhouse is by far my favorite! Wish I could be there dancing right now!

Love the concept of this journal. Perfect for people who love making lists. #wishlist

Happy Friday folks!
This weekend will filled with family birthday celebrations...lots of lovely Virgo's in my life! 
All of the construction should be finished on our screen porch tomorrow (stay tuned for more details)! Now we just have to pressure wash the deck, have it painted/ stained within the next month and then have the screen put in and we'll be done...and I can't forget the most fun part: decorating and then relaxing!
What are your weekend plans?

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