Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Recap

Oh's you again.
Hope your weekend was swell.
On Friday evening, J + I went to see the new movie "Everest" on IMAX. It was so good and the views of the mountains were absolutely breathtaking. It's a must-see, but be prepared to be emotionally exhausted afterwards.

On Saturday, I enjoyed a sunny morning outside on the back porch while Townes sunbathed, per usual. Then we went for a walk and enjoyed this upcoming Fall weather! As always, Townes's favorite place is in the water (playing with the ball by himself).
 After our walk, we spent time around the house (picking peppers and tomatoes from the garden) and rearranging furniture.
 We're getting so close!
We got these new chairs from Wayfair and this awesome stool to use as an accent table. J thinks that the chairs are too big for the space since our front door is directly to the left in this photo and the hallway to the rest of our house is on the right. We got some great feedback from friends on Facebook and are going to play around with the space a bit (primarily the wall layout) and we did go ahead and add some small pillows. If you have any suggestions, we're all ears!
Here are some more pictures of our new living room layout:
 On Saturday evening, we headed down to Blue Willow Inn for Grandma + Papa's 60th wedding anniversary! We all enjoyed our southern food and great company! It was the first time everyone from the family was together in 5 years (wish I had a photo on my phone of everyone)!

We ended the night by watching "The Summit" on Netflix (in staying with the mountaineering tragedy theme from Friday night's movie selection). It was really good and reminds me to stick to hikes that are not in the death zone!

On Sunday, we went to Pet Supermarket near our house and did a Lifeline adoption event. Sadly we didn't get too much traffic and it was way too hot (89 degrees) to have the dogs outside for too long. We did get in some good walks with the dogs (although they kept wanting to stop in lay in the grass...I didn't mind obliging them)! :)

For dinner, I made this tofu, okra, and dirty rice recipe
It was good, but not necessarily something I'd cook again. 
We ended the weekend by watching the new movie "Digging for Fire" and laying low.
How was your weekend?

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