Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, y'all. 
This weekend was a good mix of fun + hard work. 
On Friday night, I spent some quality time with Townes on the couch (my little buddy follows me everywhere) and then I went to Zumba. When I came home we made this recipe from Blue Apron and it was awesome! We also made some sauteed spinach as a side (my favorite).

 It's always such a good mail day when the monthly Birchbox comes! :)
 The aftermath of mowing the entire yard while it was still somewhat wet from the morning dew. At least the weather was really nice (small victories)!
 On Saturday afternoon, we headed to my in-laws' house to celebrate my FIL's birthday! 57!
Per usual, he wanted to go canoeing and it's always so much fun. The lake was empty and it was a perfect breezy, sunny day.

 After canoeing, we grilled out and I had a little too much wine (which is normally the case when my MIL is in charge of the pours)! Ended the evening with some homemade lemon meringue pie and test driving their new car. It was a great day and the weather and company made it so much fun (although we missed Lauren)!

 On Sunday, we woke up early and rented a pressure washer for the deck. Since we don't want to add the screen to the deck until it's stained, we wanted to get the rest of the deck ready for a fresh coat as soon as possible (since we'll need to let it dry out for about a month). 
In the meantime, check out some of the progress of the new addition. So excited to enjoy it...eventually!

 Sunday afternoon I headed to my parents' house to celebrate my beautiful big sister's birthday! We enjoyed the hot tub, drank prosecco, and ate pizza and greek salad. It was super laid back, but really nice to laugh and catch up. 
The girls: me, mom, sis, and Brit (my niece) ♥

 Happy birthday, Kimmy! Hope your day was a blast and that you get all of the love and magic that you deserve this year and always. Love you!
How was your weekend? 
Hopefully it was spent outside and with those you love!

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