Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy happy Friday!
I am loving these inspirational iPhone wallpapers

I know Summer is almost over, but this swimsuit is so beautiful! I also love this dress! #wishlist

This video is incredible + humbling. 
The Earth is the size of a marble in comparison to the solar system!

I can't get over how sweet this dog is! This made my day.

How have we still not been to Banff? Canada looks like pure magic.

This movie looks so sweet and reminds me how much I love Robert De Niro:

I am counting down to the weekend! 
The deck should be done this week (well the construction piece) and we've got some errands to do around the house. Otherwise, it's the grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary! Pretty impressive, hey?
On Sunday, I'll be volunteering for Lifeline and hopefully helping some cute pups find their forever homes!
What are your weekend plans?

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