Monday, October 31, 2011

happy haunting!

happy halloween! hope your weekend was a great one!

dinner with a bunch of friends (old + new) on friday and had the best time. i think it's a good sign when the resturant closes and you're the last table in the place. great folks! ♥

we worked in the yard on saturday and then ate at burnt fork bbq which was incredible! they have bbq tofu and a very clear menu indicating which sides are vegan and vegetarian. it was incredible!!! thanks matt for the suggestion!

saturday night we pulled together some last minute costume ideas, but j's was the best! he was daniel plainview (played by daniel day lewis) in "there will be blood!" he had the oil can, milkshake, and mustache! sadly not too many people got it but i LOVED it. i had planned to be an asian girl but then had a wardrobe malfunction and ended up being a 1960's hippie/ activist. i wore a flower dress and an army jacket and flowers in my hair. nothing original sadly! as always, i am vowing to not procrastinate next year (fingers crossed).

sunday was very wonderful. we had brunch at sun in my belly and it was great! we split the pimento and fried green tomato sandwich and the hangover biscuit (biscuit with cheese, fried egg, avocado, and siracha - yumm!). we ran to the grocery store and then came home and we sat in the sunshine with townes, worked in the yard, and went on a very long walk.

sign of a successful brunch:

tonight we're finally getting around to carving pumpkins and hopefully getting some trick-or-treaters!

have a great rest of the day and hope you get to leave work early since it's usually the worst traffic day of the year on halloween! scarrrry! xo

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