Wednesday, October 12, 2011

second anniversary theme: cotton

the gift themes for wedding anniversaries are a bit silly, but it's kind of fun to try to get creative with the standard themes. last year the theme was paper and this year it was cotton. i knew j wanted some nice sweaters for fall and winter, but i wanted to give him something more heartfelt.

i decided on getting him an embroidery circle and searched etsy, but couldn't find any that i absolutely love; however, these were contenders (notice a theme?):

[as seen here]

[as seen here]

[as seen here]

instead of buying this gift, i figured i'd try my hand at doing the project myself so it would mean more and be more relative to us and our lives together. so after a trip to michael's for an embroidery circle, fabric, embroidery string, and needle i was ready to get started.

i chose a special phrase from the apache blessing (read it here) that was read during our wedding vows. i wrote it out first to help keep the spacing and sizing even.

after about 2 sittings (roughly 2.5 hours), i was done! i ended up adding a heart (for a pop of color) and our wedding date. i really enjoyed this project and already want to do more!
i couldn't wait to share the gift with j and hoped he loved it.

and of course he did! we have it hung on our bedroom wall now and it is a daily reminder of our wedding day and to strive for good days together everyday. ♥

did you do anything handmade for your wedding anniversary that stuck with the traditional theme? if so, i'd love any ideas (especially for future anniversaries)!


  1. Nicole, First of all, I loooove your blog and keep meaning to post and this was the perfect opportunity. This is such a precious project that I will definitely be borrowing for handmade Christmas gifts this year. Thank you for the idea! Thanks for the FB birthday post btw, hope you are doing well. I'm glad to see that you are happy! xoxo, Brittany

  2. Brittany! You are so sweet! I can't wait to see what you make for the holidays (please share). Thanks for reading my blog - I am an avid fan of yours as well. Would love to see you one of these days and catch up! You look lovely! xo


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