Friday, October 14, 2011

i'll see you in my dreams

happy friday ya'll! i've been feeling restless lately and i think picking up the ukelele again will help ease my mind. this video has me inspired (that beach setting wouldn't hurt either) and now i can't wait to get home and play. i really miss learning new chords and songs. i need to get better so i can record some songs!

tonight we're going bowling with some friends - thanks to livingsocial for the great deal! we're going to a new mexican place in town that had me at "fried avocado tacos!" tomorrow we have a lunch date with some wonderful friends and then working some projects needed done around the house. on sunday, we're off to spend the day in the mountains (making a pit stop by a pumpkin patch first - yay) with my husband's side of the family. should be a lot of fun and i know townes will enjoy it!

speaking of townes (and by popular demand), check out our pup being adorable as always. he makes my heart so full!

have a wonderful weekend and i'll announce the giveaway winner later today! i can't wait to share our pictures from our trip to chicago with you guys next week! ♥

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