Wednesday, October 19, 2011

to die for ♥

last week, j and i celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary by sticking to the traditional gift theme and a trip to chicago! i already shared my embroidered gift to j (see here), but hadn't showed anyone what j got for me.

he had a quilt made from all of my old band tshirts! i was so touched and excited by this gift that i was almost in tears!

a little background, while we were cleaning out every room for our large yard sale earlier this month, i was going through all of my old band tshirts from my highschool and college years. most of the shirts were too small to wear, but i couldn't part with them. the memories and time of my life represented by these shirts would never allow me to get rid of them. so i put them back in our closet to collect dust.

j decided that having the shirts turned into a quilt was the best idea to get use out of the shirts and to stick with the 2nd anniversary theme of cotton.

then, as if this wasn't sweet enough, i found out that it was my best friend in the world, beth, who made it! i knew she had been trying to learn how to quilt but i had no idea what she had been working on! this was her first attempt at a quilt and i couldn't be more proud or lucky! look at the incredible details and stitching!

am i the luckiest in the world? amazing husband - check! awesome best friend - check! quilt that i will cherish for the rest of my life - check!

now i just have to figure out if i want to hang it on a wall or use it (especially now that it's getting colder outside)! i also can't wait to have craft nights to have beth teach me how to quilt! thank you both for everything you are and everything you bring into my life! ♥


  1. Amazing. I'm working on my first quilt right now, and it's for my best friend - this gives me hope that it will turn out beautifully! And yes, dear - you ARE lucky. :D

    1. Please share when you're done! I've yet to take the risk to try making my own despite having some tools to do it! xo

    2. This is the pattern I'm using. She's a HUGE fan of Ron Swanson, so when I saw it, I knew I had to do it. :) I just finished the second block last night; I hope to get a few more done this weekend. It's not as difficult as I worried it might be, and once I figured out a rhythm, it's been moving along pretty quickly. It's like a giant puzzle, and SO fun to finish each row and sew them all together. I'm having grand ideas now of making 8-bit quilt designs. :D

    3. That is INSANE! That pattern seems so difficult - so impressed lady!


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