Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy People

Last night, J + I went to see Werner Herzog's newest documentary, "Happy People: A Year in the Taiga." We went with our wonderful friends Victor + Anna (truthfully, Anna + I kind of crashed a guys' night out). J + I are huge Herzog fans and we are suckers for documentaries.

This film was incredible - although not your standard Herzog film. Based on the trailer, I was expecting it to be somewhat slow but it wasn't at all. The camera basically follows these trappers/ hunters who live in Bakhtia, a village of 300 people deep in the Siberian Taiga in their daily lives. 

The way these men live off the land and the trades that they master is beautiful. They are truly unique in that their skills and traditions have not changed in centuries. Untouched by modern conveniences, they rely on their skills, each other, and their dogs. 

I definitely recommend adding this documentary to your list!

P.S. Next time I complain about how cold it is, I need to remember that the Winter in the Taiga brings temperatures of -50°!

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