Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

 Merry Christmas y'all!
Christmas Eve is always my favorite since the anticipation of the following morning is so great and getting into bed with new pajamas (my family has a tradition of giving new pajamas to open on Christmas Eve night - it's a tradition that I will continue when I have children of my day?). 

Sadly J's extended family has come down with the flu so the extended family celebration has been cancelled, so we'll just spend Christmas Eve night with my immediate family. 
Due to my Mom's lack of cooking skills (no offense, Mom!) and my Dad being Jewish, we typically do the stereotypical dinner at a Chinese restaurant on Christmas Eve. It's always a nice break from the heavy, Southern Christmas cooking so I love it! Schezchan tofu and veggies for the win!
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and get plenty of down time with your loved ones. I'm looking forward to finishing up the little bit of gift wrapping (with a nice glass of wine, maybe)!
Now I'm off to keep Townes from getting into the presents under the tree...sneaky pup!
Sending you all lots of kisses and hugs!

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