Monday, December 8, 2014

Work Travels

 I've been traveling a lot this year for work. Work travel always appears fancy to people who don't travel and for those of us who travel, we know better...

Most of my work trips include day trips to Texas and back which is not glamorous at all. Long days and time out of the office means a lot of catch up work!

Last week I had a few meetings at one of my retailers HQ in New Jersey. It was also an introduction for the new person I hired to manage the account. After a few back-to-back meetings, we headed into NYC since it was cheaper to fly out of LGA (versus Newark). We stayed in SoHo at the Marlton Hotel. It was a really cute and cozy hotel built in 1900 that used to house artists (like Jack Kerouac and Lenny Bruce)! I love staying in places with so much history.


 For dinner, we went to this amazing restaurant, The Heath. The food was incredible (I had a cauliflower and rice pie) and the drinks were great, but most importantly, the setting was spectacular! There was a live jazz band and our table was right in the front! I was over the moon!

 There was even a full train car with dining tables! Wouldn't that be perfect for a date?
 After dinner, we stopped by a bar right next to our hotel called Analogue. I had a drink called the "confession" with grass vodka and sage. It sounded bizarre, but was really good.
The next morning, before our flight, we worked and then walked around a bit. We even went to the only Birchbox store front. It was such a cool experience!

While working from the hotel lobby, we saw Josh Radnor (Ted from How I Met Your Mother) who was also working from the cute lobby. I was a total creep and snuck this photo of him after we ran into each other coming in and out of the bathroom. Worth it!
 Right before heading to the airport, we enjoyed some French pastries from Francois Payard Bakery. I had my favorite, pain au chocolat! YUM!

I have to travel the next 2 weeks for work and then I'm looking forward to taking it easy for the week of Christmas!

What's the coolest place you've ever traveled to for work?

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