Monday, September 3, 2012

Germany Recap Part 1: Berlin

We are back from Germany and we had the best time! I figured I'd break up the posts in 3 separate pieces - starting with Berlin!

Our flight into Amsterdam for our connection was delayed out of Atlanta, so we had to reschedule our flight to Berlin. When we finally got to Berlin, we met up with our friends and headed to our flat. The flat was incredible - great location and a lot of space! We immediately started walking around Berlin and checking out some of the sights. We saw the Kathe Kollwitz statue that is a memorial to the victims of Fascism. At the memorial, the inscription reads "To the victims of war and tyranny" - it was very powerful. J is a huge fan of Kathe Kollwitz so he really loved this monument. We also saw the empty library that is an underground room with a glass window that people can look through to see empty bookshelves. The empty room is a reminder of when Hilter ordered thousands of books to be burned during WWII.
We ended our first night at an awesome restaurant near our friends' apartment. The groom-to-be's family was also there so it was a nice reunion in Germany!

Our second day was a very busy one. We started with a breakfast of coffee, bread, and nutella from the local grocery. We first decided to visit the East Side Gallery - which is a section of the Berlin Wall that is now a freedom memorial featuring art from various artists all over the world. 
 We enjoyed a quick falafel lunch (so good) and then headed to the Brandenburg Gate and Holocaust Memorial near the center of Berlin.
 After walking through the Holocaust Memorial and museum, we decided to take a breather inside the Tiergarten - a huge park in the middle of Berlin. We laid in the sunshine and just enjoyed the moment. We ended the night eating thai food and enjoying a local bar. Perfect day all around!
 On our last day in Berlin, we went to Potsdamer Platz to go to the Dali museum. We had a pasta lunch then headed to the Kreuzberg neighborhood to grab a beer and head to the local park. We also did some street art scouting! 

We headed back to our flat and then walked to a local vegan restaurant, Kopps. The dinner was incredible! We all enjoyed the amazing food, atmosphere, and Germany soccer game. We ended the night at the Clarchens Ballhaus. The Ballhaus is a dance club from the 1950's and it just happened to be swing dancing night! I had the most incredible time watching everyone dance and J and I even danced to Benny Goodman's "Sing, Sing, Sing" - it felt surreal and magical!

The next morning we took the trains to Jocketa for the next part of our adventure! Stay tuned for part 2!

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