Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Runner's High

I have been adding new routines to my fitness regiment and it feels great! 
I have never been a runner - I have never enjoyed it and always been quick to give up/ walk. J recently started training for the upcoming Southern Odyssey Relay race that he is running next month with coworkers (it goes from Atlanta to Chattanooga). J's enthusiasm about running got me interested in giving it another shot and although it's still a struggle, I can officially run over 3 miles without stopping for the first time in my life! 

Last week, I ran a total of 10 miles! 
The Map My Run App is so user-friendly and helps keep me motivated (having good music on my iPhone and cooler weather helps too). Whenever I get tired and think I can't make it to the top of the next hill, I keep reminding myself that "strong is the new skinny!"

I still go to my weekly Zumba and Cardio Funk classes and hope to add some more Yoga and Pilates, but it's nice to add a new workout and see how it helps my body and my strength. 

This is a small victory for me, but I think it's worth celebrating every victory! Life is too short to focus on  shortcomings!


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