Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Moment of Silence

I wanted to take a minute to share this article regarding the Hyuro controversy in Atlanta and the ultimate destruction of this beautiful piece of art. 
I recently posted about a street art adventure that J + I took (read more about it here) and this mural was one of the most magical pieces we saw. If you were to go to the corner oSawtell and McDonough Blvd SE today, you will find the ghost of the woman and wolf that once brightened a dark intersection. 

Monica Campana, Founder and Executive Director of Living Walls, said it best:
"Paint on this wall made for a beautiful mural, people talking about it made for a beautiful conversation. A public space was created and all of a sudden this dead intersection became more human. The mural belonged to all of us, to the ones that liked it and to the ones that didn't, it was our dialogue, it was our challenge, but now it's gone. Now we are back to ignoring that space again, now we are back at thinking that erasing the evidence will make us think this never happened. It hurt so much to paint over the wall, to destroy something someone else put so much heart and passion into. It was a painful process, but what hurt the most was that for the first time I felt like I had to censor myself. It was a weird feeling, a confusing and ugly feeling that I never want to experience again." 

So let's take a moment to remember this amazing piece of art and all of the brushstrokes of the artist Hyuro, and all of those who tried to fight the censorship of art in Atlanta. It is truly a sad day.

What are your thoughts on the decision to remove this mural?

"Each person can take it the way they want to, because it is for everyone ...and at the end, if it gets painted over, know that the gray paint will not hide the fears of no one, but if anything It will make those fears more visible" - Hyuro

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