Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Great Expectations

I typically try to keep this blog fairly light since there's really no use in giving attention to negativity.

I read this article a few months ago about how hard it is to make friends after a certain stage in our lives (i.e., pretty much after college). I enjoyed the article a great deal and found it very interesting; however, I felt like I was a bit different. I still felt like I was finding new friends and making the most of every relationship; however, I will agree that finding lasting friendships has become more difficult.

As we get older, other things get prioritized: our partners, our jobs, our babies (human/ furry), etc. An effort has to be made to show the other person that you value their friendship and that their time and company is very important to you. Friends have come and gone, some due to distance and some due to misunderstandings. In my struggles with losing people in my life, J has always reminded me that you have to change your expectations of people. This has been such an important lesson for me.

 Relationships evolve and you cannot always trust that someone will continue to be a positive person in your life. When they make you feel bad, it's time to take a step back and slowly re-evaluate their access to you in the way that protects your feelings. That is the only piece you can control.
This is with all relationships: friends, family, and/ or partners.

With that being said, I have still always felt very confident (and lucky) in the friends that I do have: the ones that you can be away from for months at a time and still feel like not a day has passed, those you know will make the effort to see you (and vice verse), and the ones who will always celebrate life with you.

I think I'm at a point where I don't want to ever stop meeting new people and being open to trusting new friends; however, sometimes I just need to make sure I'm investing on the dear friends that are always worth it.

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