Monday, September 10, 2012

Lanterns and Daisies

Happy Monday y'all! We had a lovely weekend filled with cooler temperatures, friends, and adventures.

On Saturday night we went to the BeltLine Lantern parade that started in Old Fourth Ward and ended at Piedmont Park. At the last minute, we grabbed some red lanterns that we had and then found a stick to attach them too. We actually got a great deal of compliments on our last minute lantern! The weather was so nice and it was such a fun event in the community - such contagious excitement! The marching band and elaborate lanterns were incredible.
On Sunday, we went to the Yellow Daisy Festival! It's one of the largest festivals in the Southeast and with the perfect weather, we figured it'd be a blast. The only issue was that apparently everyone figured the same thing - it took us almost an hour to get into the park and get parked! We still had a blast and it was a nice way to spend some time with Kelly before she had to drive back to Florida (we love you Kel)!
We ended the night at my parents' house to celebrate my beautiful sister's birthday! Happy birthday Kimmy! I hope this year is your happiest year yet ♥
This week is going to be a great one - my best friend Lily is coming into town and we are going to Savannah for our friends' wedding. Can't wait!


  1. the lantern carrying idea is cool. what was in them to give off light? battery powered lightbulbs?

    1. People used all different kinds of light - xmas lights on a battery, candles (real and fake), etc. We rigged ours up with headlights and small flashlights since it was last minute. These work great though too -


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