Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Eat Clean + Work Out Dirty

I've always really enjoyed being active, but sometimes I'll get into a rut and I forget how good it feels to eat clean and sweat it out. I've recently been recharged and have been working on improving my mind and body. The good news is that I really enjoy hiking, walking, yoga, and dancing; therefore, my biggest motivation in staying healthy is that the things I love come more easily for me and I can enjoy them to the fullest.

Right now my weekly workout schedule looks like this:
 Yoga (my work gym offers it during lunch on Monday)
Cardio Funk (high intensity hip hop dancing with some boot camp moves)
Cardio Blast (7 AM high intensity circuit training class at work gym)
Long walk with Townes
Long walk with Townes
Run 3 miles (unless I need to rest)
Zumba Toning (longer class at 75 mins with more weight training)
Zumba (8 AM class)
Long walk with Townes (typically twice/ day)
Long walk with Townes (typically twice/ day)
Run 3 miles (unless I need to rest)

I'd like to get more running days in soon and extend the length of the runs, but I'm still working on my running stamina. I also don't currently love running as much as the other activities, so I'm just trying to stay moving. This schedule varies some days, especially if I'm traveling for work (then I usually use the elliptical in the hotel gym). I've also been incorporating push ups into my routine daily.

Below is some of my favorite workout gear!Work Out Dirty
For the record, I'm feeling really great lately, but I am still a work-in-progress and still have ways to go!

How do you stay active? Are there any workouts you enjoy the most?

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