Monday, May 26, 2014

Summer Bucket List

 Summer always gets me excited to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. I recently read this awesome Summer bucket list (see my favorite bucket list here). Although this list says it's for single girls and isn't your standard bucket list (i.e., host a cookout, go to the beach, campfires, etc.), this list is still pretty good (and funny)!

Some of my favorite items from this list:
  1. Eat an entire watermelon in one day
  2. Learn how to skateboard
  3. Learn the “Single Ladies” choreography
  4. Pick a summer anthem
  5. Buy ALL the high-waisted shorts
  6. Rock red lipstick A LOT…and pink…and orange…and coral
  7. Donate clothes (simplify, simplify, simplify)
  8. Bake a pie
  9. Do yoga outside
  10. Play “True American” –like in New Girl!
  11. Spend an entire day listening to Beatles songs
What's on your Summer bucket list?

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