Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weekend Recap: Memorial Day Edition

This weekend was pretty great...
It was just me and Townes all last week (and the week before, actually) since J has been traveling a lot for work. The time I spend walking with Townes, with beautiful weather and music playing on my headphones, has become so restorative and the best part of my day. We typically head to the PATH trail in our neighborhood and walk through the woods and Townes will lay in various parts of the creeks to cool off. It makes me happy to know he loves these walks as much as I do.


Friday night, J's best friends came over and we grabbed dinner before he got home around midnight. After that, I let them have their last boys night together since Kyle flew back to Berlin on Saturday afternoon. It's a shame that the boys aren't all together more often...maybe one day.

On Saturday, we cleaned the house (necessary after routy boys stay up until all hours of the morning drinking. Just kidding...kind of). As usual, we also did a lot of work in the yard. We bought a new lawn mower (finally) since ours stopped working and had to be fixed multiple times before we finally took it to the curb. 

We ended the night at Raging Burrito for dinner. YUM...we also had some great people watching since the Decatur Arts Festival had just ended and there was a live band playing in the square.

On Sunday, my parents had their annual Memorial Day pool party. They recently had their pool redone so it was perfect timing to throw a party. The pool used to look like this (sorry for the bad quality photo):
Now the pool looks much better and I can't wait to spend many days poolside this Summer! My folks even got all new pool furniture too. How cute is Townes in the photo below? He looks like he's smiling!

It was funny, because my sister and I showed up to the party in the same swimsuit (#twinsies). Haha! We ended up staying all day and they even fired up the grill for round 2 that night! Good times.
 On Monday (there's nothing better than long holiday weekends), I started the morning in the best way - with some coffee and my new book
 After walking Townes, I decided to lay out with my book in the yard to get rid of my razor back tank tan lines from mowing the lawn (definitely first world problems). At one point, I came inside to get some water and that's when a torrential downpour started! Thankfully my iPhone and book didn't get too wet, but it was a close call! 
We ended the night by cooking out. We had pre-ordered some vegan ribs from our local Dough Bakery. They had daikon radish "bones" and tasted amazing! For the record, they didn't taste like the real thing per se, but we really enjoyed them. 
We also had corn-on-the-cob, baked beans, and salad. I'm so excited to grill out more often.
We ended the night by watching "Monuments Men" which was really good so overall I'd say it was a wonderful, peaceful weekend. It was just what was needed after the crazy-busy couple of weeks!


  1. I love your recaps. They always make me want to be hanging with you though!

    1. Aww - that's so sweet. I feel the same way about your recaps (x infinity though because you're in EUROPE)! I love you! xo


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