Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Favorites

I am a HUGE Storycorps fan (see more herehere, and here).

Woman and Children who look like Michael Cera. Haha!

I think everyone could benefit from Desmond Tutu's 30 day Forgiveness Challenge. Forgiving others and even forgiving ourselves is so important. 

As an Atlanta native, these stereotypes were spot on. Bless your heart.

Cute article about how to talk to kids the right way.

Really amazing video circulating the internet (ironically) about the need to unplug and step away from technology (especially smart phones). Definitely makes me take a step back and want to disconnect and be in nature right now.

Eight great quotes by Atticus Finch from one of my favorite books.

NPR article about how learning new skills keeps your brain sharp. Love this! Makes me want to take more dance lessons.

100 days of clean eating challenge. Very intense, but could be a good guide for some.

Sweet Mother's Day print perfect to give as a gift!
Happy weekend y'all...and Happy Mother's Day to all you mama bears out there!

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