Tuesday, September 13, 2011


hello strangers!

well i guess i am the stranger since i've been MIA. i've been checking in [daily] on the blogosphere, but my motivation to write has been missing. i think my motivation for a lot [everything] has been missing.

when i see something on fellow blogs that inspire me, i feel like i can't share because it's not original. this mentality is INSANE and not why i started this space in the first place. with that being said, i'm going to forget about that and just write for me [and my handful of followers - i love you guys]!

this weekend was very nice. we kept my niece and spent a great deal of time at the dog park and various playgrounds (the weather was amazing so it was hard to stay inside). we went to the fernbank science museum and planetarium. we also had lots of frozen yogurt!

sunday was my FIL's 53rd birthday. his birthday falls on 9/11 and since he's a retired firefighter, it is always so bittersweet. we spent the day canoeing together and then had everyone over to our house for dinner. it was a wonderful time and a great way to spend the day remembering the WTC tragedy (how has it been 10 years?!). i watched the below storycorps (♥) animation and it brought me to tears. the story is so touching and one that everyone should watch! hope you'll take a minute to hear this story!

hope you all have a great week! things have finally calmed down in our household after a head lice scare. thankfully EVERYTHING has been cleaned/ sanitized and we've been issued a clean bill of health. huge sigh of relief!


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