Tuesday, September 27, 2011

peaches and plums

this weekend flew by! i can't believe it's already tuesday. we had high hopes for this past weekend and although we got a few things accomplished, we still have some things to get finished.

on friday night, we looked into some potential cabins to rent this fall up in the blue ridge mountains and grabbed a late dinner. we ended the night watching "bridesmaids" and it was so good. i had already seen it but couldn't wait for j to see it and he loved it.

saturday, we took townes to the dog park, cleaned up the house, and then went to the duluth fall festival. i meant to take more pictures; however, with all of the people and having the pup with us, it became too much of a hassle.

we didn't buy anything (except food, which is typical) but i always love seeing all of the different handmade crafts and vendors. we did enjoy our veggie greek wrap and french fries! we ended the night at noche with our cousins. the friend green tomatos were incredible!

on sunday, we went for a long walk and then did a lot of yard work. i mowed the whole lawn for the first time and it is such a work out! the weather was still pretty hot so by the end of the mowing process, i was so gross! i have a newfound respect in the yard work department for my husband. we even picked some beautiful gardenias from our front yard and the kitchen still smells wonderful everytime i walk through it!

j's dad and sister came over with the trailer to help us buy trees, plants, and soil for our yard. we spent way too long at pike's nursery and then headed to home depot. at home depot, we got a flat tire, ended up having to rent a truck and then unloaded 85 bags of soil and mulch. good times! it's crazy to think that we thought we'd get everything done this weekend - obviously we were wrong. i can't wait for it to be done and share our progress!

lastly, we ended up getting a peach and plum tree for the backyard since we don't have enough room for a maple, but now j read that the peaches and plums can be dangerous for the dog. is this true?

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