Friday, September 16, 2011

date night

things have been very hectic lately in our home. j just launched a huge project at work and with holiday around the corner, my office has been slammed in preparation. with all of the craziness (i.e., trips to the dog park, quick dinners, and getting ready for a large yard sale), j and i decided we needed some "us" time - no work, no dog, no friends, just the two of us.

we decided to go the dinner + movie route. being the girl that i am, i knew instantly that i wanted to go see "crazy, stupid, love," and being the amazingly kind and sweet husband that he is, j said yes without hesitation. we went to an earlier movie so we could go straight to dinner afterwards.

the movie was wonderful. great actors and a great story line. i laughed and cried and smiled a lot (and of course, a little ryan gosling never hurts). it was the perfect date night movie and a nice reminder of how important love is and to always fight for it! it was cute because the movie actually inspired j to buy a few "nice" clothes to feel more like ryan gosling and less like steve carrel. too cute ♥

we then went to apres diem and enjoyed some great pasta dishes (the typical vegetarian fare) and then a trader joe's stop for flowers and ice pops. i am one very lucky lady and really cherish the days with my love. next time, i owe him a guy flick!

anyways, if you haven't seen the movie yet, check out the below trailer and then take your better half out!

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