Friday, September 16, 2011

knick knack

i am so happy that the weekend is here! it's been a very long week and i am looking forward to some r&r. i'm hoping for cooler weather so that i can be in the hammock 24/7 with my book. we have a wedding this weekend near athens and i am so excited - it is going to be absolutely stunning! i wish we could go to athens before the wedding and eat lunch (oh grit, how i miss you!) but with the pup, we can only be gone for so long - oh well!

sunday, we're going to go to east palisades with townes and my best friend to go hiking (well i guess it's more like walking, but at least it is in the woods) - should be lots of fun and i'm sure the weather will be beautiful.

j and i have a few more rooms to go through in preparation for a huge, neighborhood-wide yard sale on october 1st! we have gone room to room and our guest room has 5 huge garbage bags full of stuff! this may be where i got the nickname of "knick knack," because i love picking up small items everywhere and now it's time for a clutter cleanse!

hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xo

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