Monday, September 19, 2011

"if you want to be happy, be"

we had such an incredible weekend! one of my favorite moments was during the above picture (which is also my favorite from the weekend). this was taken while driving down a country dirt road to our lovely friends' wedding while listening to willie nelson's "on the road again," and as we stopped to get this picture, all the cows watched us intensely and the little calf was slowly backing up. if only he had known we're vegetarians and meant no harm at all!

friday, we stayed in and finished cleaning out every single room and now we're all set for our massive yard sale (with the exception of pricing and labeling everything - ugh). we ordered in some yummy thai food.

saturday, we went to the dog park and then to bath and body works to pick up some of their amazing 3 wick holiday candles since it was $10 per candle (half off)! we're so stoked about all of the upcoming holidays! then we headed to athens, ga for our friends' amazing wedding. it was at the tucker plantation and the setting was unbelievable. they were hitched under an incredible oak tree and the reception was in this awesome brick building. every detail was perfect and the couple radiated with love. we were so happy to witness their day. ♥

my handsome date for the wedding ♥

just because you're in a suit, doesn't mean you can't play, right?

the stunning bride! look at her incredible, handmade vintage broach bouquet!

the reception hall at tucker plantation

amazing sunset following the wedding ceremony

on sunday, we ate breakfast at park grounds so that townes could play while we ate and then we walked around freedom park in the amazingly crisp weather. then we headed to east palisades and had great conversation and wore out the pup so it was a success! j and i had an early dinner at the vortex (best fried zucchini and tater tots) followed by a trip to sevananda for some grandpa's pine tar soap and vegan "chicken" salad for work day lunches! the night ended by the fire pit in our backyard listening to music and feeling absolutely content with the world.

my boys in freedom park ♥

the best way to end any cool night in my opinion!

i'm sad the weekend is over, but at least we have some fun things planned this week! now back to work...

p.s. the title quote is from tolstoy!

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