Tuesday, September 20, 2011

we are humans

while j and i were out this weekend, we saw this street art in little 5 points. i love the art and the message so i wanted to share it. considering one of j's best friends (and now my close friend too) was brought to the us from mexico at the age of 4 and just recently (20+ years later) was made a legal citizen with a social security number (finally!), this message hits very close to home. before luck and a great love found him, we almost had to watch as he left to go back to mexico without his immediate family or the life he had always known. there couldn't be a better person in the world than our friend and our lives are much more rich and sweeter with him around. ♥

thankfully his story has a happy ending so we are thrilled, but others aren't so fortunate.

STOP THE RAIDS. thankfully the georgia anti-immigration law has been halted since late june 2011 due to the conflict with federal law. hopefully this proposed law will be abolished!

what are your thoughts on this matter? do you have any loved ones that could be affected if the anti-immigration law is passed?

"the problem with much of the debate over this issue is that we confuse two separate matters: immigration policy (how many people we admit) and immigrant policy (how we treat people who are already here). what our nation needs is a pro-immigrant policy of low immigration. A pro-immigrant policy of low immigration can reconcile America’s traditional welcome for newcomers with the troubling consequences of today’s mass immigration. It would enable us to be faithful and wise stewards of America’s interests while also showing immigrants the respect they deserve as future Americans". - tom tancredo

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