Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday folks! 
This weekend will be pretty laid back which is great since we have a lot of work travel coming up next month...sighs. 

I am so excited for this movie, This Is Where I Leave You! With such a great cast and story line, it will definitely be a winner. For the record, Jane Fonda is such a fox (she's 76!!!).

 Are you going to watch the new CNN series Sixties? I can't wait to watch it and love Tom Hayden's article about how the youth did overcome in the 1960's. 

Paste Magazine's list of the best metaphors in songs is pretty amazing. Radiohead is featured multiple times on this list and rightfully so.

I may be an idiot, but I'm going to try the 30 Day ab challenge. Although it seems a bit intense, I'm up for the challenge. Are you going to try it?

I am traveling to LA in a few weeks for work so I was so excited to see this LA Guide today! I'm most excited about Runyan Canyon.

I know this Bill Murrary video has been making the rounds, but I really love his marriage advice. Traveling together will definitely show you if you've found your mate! 
Most importantly, please check out this news piece on Hope for Steve. I went to high school with Steve who is battling ALS and him and his wife, Hope, have been raising awareness about the disease. Their documentary is being shown for the first time this weekend and their story is so touching. Take time from your day to learn about ALS, see Hope and Steve's unconditional love, and remember to live each day to the fullest. These two are such an inspiration!

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