Thursday, May 8, 2014

SCADpad Tour

A few weeks ago, I mentioned this really cool concept/ experiment being done by SCAD called the SCADpad (you can read more about the concept here). J + I met up with our best friends, Victor and Anna, and grabbed an awesome lunch at Bell Street Burritos before heading over to the SCAD campus on Peachtree Street.
 Once you arrive, you walk up through the parking deck to the second level to find the living areas. There are 3 different pads with communal outdoor areas (i.e., large chess board, seating areas, and raised garden beds). 

I really loved all of the color inside of this pad and it had such a cool bed platform and stairs. Just a note that there are people (1 per pad) currently living in these pads and documenting their experience and the livability of these spaces. This whole thing is an experiment and based on the feedback, they may move forward with building more. The art inside these pads were incredible, but could you imagine the dust on those fabric strips after a while?
 So many cool materials and textiles everywhere! I also loved that so much of it was recycled materials. Everyone had to take off their shoes and wear little paper slippers to keep the pads as clean as possible. My favorite features of all of the pads were the windows! With just a touch of an iPad or iPhone, the clear windows instantly became frosted to block out all visibility and light!

If you live in Atlanta, it's definitely worth checking out, but hurry because the tours end on June 1st! 

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