Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! 
It seemed like hiking + good food were the trends this weekend, which was great for me!
We've been having such nice weather (it has felt like fall in Atlanta recently) that I tried to be outside as much as possible!

We have a really great trail in our neighborhood through the woods (it's also a mountain bike trail for any of you that are interested). It's the path that Townes will choose, if you let him, 9 times out of 10.
 When I get home from work, we usually sit on the back porch together. Townes is always right by my side...or under my feet!
 This weekend I got 3 (yes, 3) new frames from Zenni Optical. I highly recommend them, because I got all 3 pairs (with prescription lens) and shipping for $75! Here's one of my new frames - you can see them here, if you're interested!
On Friday night, we went to Panahar for dinner with Beth and Doug. We brought plenty of wine and beer and despite all of the amazing food, we left a bit tipsy. It was such fun! PS - I'm wearing one of my other new glasses below. :)
We all had Halim (a spicy lentil soup, our favorite), vegetable pakoras, mixed naan, paneer, lentils, and then they brought us their homemade honey yogurt for dessert. If you've never been to Panahar, go! Just a heads up that they are closed on Mondays and reservations are always suggested. It's also BYOB with no corkage fees so bring lots of wine.

On Saturday morning, I had an amazing egg white omelet with spinach, cheese, fresh avocado, and salsa. I also had some watermelon and veggie sausage. This is one of my staple weekend breakfast meals.
 After spending the afternoon doing errands and working in the yard (oh the joys of home ownership), we headed to our friends Jen + Nick's house. They made an incredible dinner of homemade falafel pitas with tzaziki and avocado, the best kale, carrot, cabbage, and sesame slaw (I need to get the recipe), and then we ended dinner with a homemade strawberry trifle. We were definitely spoiled with amazing food and even better company!

I freaking love this lady. She has the biggest heart and she's so genuinely awesome. I feel so lucky to call her a friend. We're planning a hiking trip in Virginia this fall and I can't wait!
 For my birthday, J got me this awesome Atlanta hiking book. Since we had a pretty chill schedule for Sunday, we decided to try a new hike. We decided on Constitution Lakes off of Moreland Avenue. The start of the hike has a paved trail that leads to awesome wetlands and a really cool view of some local ridges.
However, after you turn left from the water to continue on the trail, there is a side trail called "Doll's Head Trail" and there are lots of bizarre "installations" among the foliage. The random items were kind of cool, but mostly creepy. I'd rather just be in nature with trees and flowers! Overall, the hike was only about a 2 mile loop, but still nice for a hike that is in town.
After our hike, we headed to Lee's Bakery for their vegan noodle soup and tofu bahn mi sandwich combo. It's pretty awesome, because the food is amazing and you get the soup and half sandwich for $7! I also get the avocado smoothie...sounds weird, but it's so good!

When we got home, I laid in the hammock for a while - enjoying the birds, butterflies, and shade. Quite the hard life, isn't it? It's bad how rare it is that we take the time to just relax and enjoy the backyard.

This picture cracks me up! 
Townes is so needy, but he's so sweet so I don't mind giving in to belly rub requests! :)
 Hope your weekend was enjoyable + peaceful!

I leave for France in 2.5 days! So much to do before then!


  1. Girl, you are glowing!! I love those new frames too. Can't wait to squeeze you so soon!!!

    1. Lily! That is so sweet of you to say! I think it's dreams of Europe that is responsible for that glow :) How is it so soon that I get to see you? Pinch me! xo


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