Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Weekly Tiny Home: Size Does Matter

Every week I post a tiny home. Along with many others, the ideal of living simply appeals to me. I love the concept of a tiny home for many reasons. I wanted to share this chart since it has some of these reasons listed (less debt, more time, and sustainability). I currently have a home that is around 1500 sq. feet (4 bedrooms/ 2 baths) and about 1/2 acre. I love my home, but we spend a lot of time doing house work and maintenance, mowing the lawn, and we have way more things than we need (or use). I think it's safe to assume that many homeowners feel the same way. A major issue these days is mass consumerism and when people get older and make more money, they tend to buy bigger and more...then stay in debt forever.

Maybe one day I'll live in a tiny home on the beach and spend my days surfing and living more carefree, but in the meantime, I'm trying to live more intentionally - spend less and save more. Pay off our house and build a tiny home for weekend getaways and to rent. 

I recently had someone tease me that living in tiny spaces leads to psychological issues. They were joking, but it felt silly and unnecessarily judgmental. Don't get me wrong, having a whole family with multiple kids in a tiny home full time with just a loft would be insane, but then again families used to share a single room before the days of 4000 sq. ft homes! Also, the majority of the world live in spaces smaller than what we'd consider "tiny" in the US. I think that being in massive debt and that the stress of keeping up the Jones's would cause more psychological issues personally. 

With that being said, I know tiny homes aren't for everyone and that's ok, but I think it's pretty amazing that people are starting to look at housing alternatives that are more sustainable and mindful. Different strokes for different folks.

Bigger may not be better, after all...

I'm curious - what are your thoughts on the tiny home movement?



  1. i just tried to comment and it deleted it, trying again. i'm supportive of tiny homes. i have a couple friends right now who want to build one in the next 5 years but. i wouldn't want to live in one because i want space to entertain. the house i grew up in was 2,500 sq ft - too much, and for the past 8 years, i've lived in 400-700 sq ft apartments, which essentially ARE tiny homes. my dream would be a 1,000 - 1,500 sq ft house . also there are logistical issues with tiny homes. i think in new york state there is a minimum house size, so if you want a tiny house, you have to build it on a trailer bed, which makes it less sturdy and more susceptible to damage from natural disasters (flooding, wind).

    1. Hey Julia! I agree with you in wanting a space to entertain. I actually want a small cabin that is slightly smaller than the "tiny" house that fits on a trailer as well due to wanting to have friends and family enjoy the space as well. I also like the idea of a small bedroom (just enough for a queen bed), a loft, and a living room area wide enough for a pull out couch. Do you think you and your husband will stay in NY? Good to hear from you! xo

  2. lately i've been wanting to leave nyc because i am missing nature and am sick of renting bigtime. but we can't move for at least a year due to my husband's job, and it's hard to figure out where we would go and how we could leave our friends and families and jobs behind. sigh. we'll figure it out...


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