Thursday, August 21, 2014

European Adventure Recap: Part 2

On Saturday, we headed to the Parc des Buttes Chaumont for Lily's belated birthday picnic! The great thing about this park was that we were around locals and had a great view of the city. We also lucked out, because we had beautiful, sunny weather. We had champagne, baguette, hummus, cheese, and some desserts. My favorite was the pain au chocolat that was still warm! YUM!

Afterwards, we walked to the Parc de Belville. From there, we walked the Seine to the Eiffel Tower. I loved all of the activities and bars (made out of shipping containers) along the river.

 This view was worth braving the crowds and a thousand words...

 That night, we headed to Montmarte and although we were a night early for the super moon, we still had an incredible moon that evening. Sacre Coeur was packed so we headed off the main streets to a small cafe, Les Novices, to share a bottle of red wine.

We finished the bottle and I may or may not have been feeling "la joie de vivre!"

 On the following day, we decided to go back to Marais for falafel, but this time at Mi Va Mi. It's amazing how close all of the falafel vendors are to each other (across the alley) and that everyone's preference is different. 
 Find love everywhere...
 We stopped in a park and were greeted by a 11+ piece band. Once again, that magic of Paris!

We headed to Musée des Arts et Métiers to escape the rain and see various scientific instruments and inventions throughout history to the present. The level of detail put into the objects housed in this museum was incredible. 

The museum's interior was also spectacular!

We ended the day with a bottle of wine (surprised?) along the Canal Saint-Martin in the Republique neighborhood. I could get used to the Parisian lifestyle...

Next up, the final Paris chapter!
I'm ready to go back...


  1. Once again, I love all these pictures! Mm I can taste those delicious pastries now... xoxo

    1. They are definitely not as good as those pictures you got with your DSLR camera! Lucky for you, you really can go taste those pastries now...go! What are you waiting for? :)

  2. Erm I love the box of random shapes, its like an adult version of the shapes you used to get as a kid!

    1. Exactly! Isn't there just something amazing about the level of hand detail that went into each piece?


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